Colors P50 Read Factory Firmware Flash File (Stock Rom) 100% Tested Without Password Download Free.




Welcome to Colors P50  We have got P50  Firmware Flash File (Stock Rom) for you.

The Firmware file is an operating system it works to direct hardware which is known as software. Mobile does not exist without software. In the same area we technicians consider software important. We use it daily in the mobile sector whether it is for flashing or unlocking.

In this page you can get complete information of Colors Firmware Flash File. I will inform you what kind of problem can be removed. How to flash? You can get SP flash tool, USB drive and finally you get repair flash file without password download for free.

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Details of mobile Phone Colors P50 Read Firmware Flash File (Stock Rom) Tested Flash file without password Download free.
@ Brand: Colors
@ Mobile Model: Colors P50
@ RAM: 1GB
@ ROM: 8GB               
@ Android Version: Marshmallow 6.0
@ Processor/chipset: MT6580
@ Firmware File Size: 864.94MB
@ Baseband:  MT6580_S00_D5170_M1_G4_W5_MP_V0_0_7_S160804_1_wg_n
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Colors P50 Read Firmware Flash File (Stock Rom) Download Free, If you have any doubt about of this file, You can see/check the read firmware file detail.



The Mediate k Firmware Flash File read by Cm2 Dongle is very reliable. Because it reads the Factory File (Scatter) Flashing this firmware flash file does not cause any problem like IMEI unknown, base band unknown Mobile death. If you want to know more about the detailed information read by Cm2 Dongle, you can download and view

1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back
2. Insert USB cable. In some cases require hold BootKeyWait for phone…
Phone found! [ 9 ]
Inital Boot Ok!
BB_CPU_PID : 6580
BB_CPU_NME : [MediaTek] MT6580_S00
BB_CPU_EXT : 0xCA00 , 0x8A00 , 0x0000
Processing BROM stage
Settings for BROM configured!
SecCfgVal : 0x00000000
BromVer : 0x00FF
BLVersion : 0x0001
PreLoader : Active [ Boot with PL ]
Processing DA stage
DA Select done, will use MTK_AllInOne_DA_v5.1624.16.07
Sending and initialize DA …
Running DA ver.4.2 on BBID : 0x94
eMMC Flash : 150100463732324D4200B666E0B273A5
Initialize Memory …
DRAM already initialized by Preloader
DAgent sent , init HW now
eMMC FlashIC initialized
[eMMC] : FLASH_VEN : 0x15 , OEM : 0100
[eMMC] : FLASH_CID : 150100463732324D4200B666E0B273A5
[eMMC] : FLASH_BRT : 0x00400000 , 0x00400000 , 0x00080000
[eMMC] : FLASH_LEN : 0x00000001D2000000
[eMMC] : FLASH_UCP : 7456 MiB [eMMC 8 GiB]
DEV RID : 0x99BF2E6805B6A0BEA93DABB742F53DB5
INT RAM : 0x00020000
EXT RAM : 0x40000000 [1 GiB]
Boot Ok![AP] : Initial info read Ok!Brand : COLORS
ProdName : Colors_P50
ProdModel : P50
Device : Colors_Mobile
AndroidVer: 6.0
MTKxCPU : MT6580
MTKxPRJ : alps-mp-m0.mp1-V2.34_rgk6580.we.mMODEM :
BaseBand : MT6580_S00_D5170_M1_G4_W5_MP_V0_0_7_S160804_1_wg_n

LCD : Not info available 🙁
LCD Res : 854×480
CAM [0] : gc5005_mipi_raw
CAM [1] : gc2365_mipi_raw
CAM [2] : hi553_mipi_raw
CAM [3] : sp2509_mipi_raw
CAM [4] : hi545_2lane_mipi_raw
MODEM : d5170_g4_w5_hspa
LOCALE : en_US zh_CN zh_TW es_ES pt_BR ru_RU fr_FR de_DE tr_TR vi_VN ms_MY in_ID th_TH it_IT ar_EG hi_IN bn_IN ur_PK fa_IR pt_PT nl_NL el_GR hu_HU tl_PH ro_RO cs_CZ ko_KR km_KH iw_IL my_MM pl_PL es_US bg_BG hr_HR lv_LV lt_LT sk_SK uk_UA de_AT da_DK fi_FI nb_NO sv_SE en_GB hy_AM zh_HK et_EE ja_JP kk_KZ sr_RS sl_SI ca_ES

Elapsed: 00:00:32
Reconnect Power/Cable!


Colors P50 Firmware Flash File

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