Colors P51 Pride1A V10 Read Factory Firmware Flash File (Stock Rom) 100% Tested Without Password Download Free.



 Welcome to Colors P51 Pride1A V10 We have got Colors P51 Pride1A  Firmware Flash File (Stock Rom) for you.

The Firmware file is an operating system it works to direct hardware which is known as software. Mobile does not exist without software. In the same area we technicians consider software important. We use it daily in the mobile sector whether it is for flashing or unlocking.


In this page you can get complete information of Colors Firmware Flash File. I will inform you what kind of problem can be removed. How to flash? You can get SP flash tool, USB drive and finally you get repair flash file without password download for free.


You can use firmware files of all companies including this Colors to upgrade, downgrade and flash your mobile. You will now receive the file free of charge. Now you don’t have to go to any other side, we will upload all the company files to you daily on the AG Firmware file website.



Details of mobile Phone Colors P51 Pride1A V10 Read Firmware Flash File (Stock Rom) Tested Flash file without password Download free.
@ Brand: Colors
@ Mobile Model: Colors P51 Pride1A
@ RAM: 512 MB
@ ROM: 8GB               
@ Patch Level : OPM2.171019.012
@ Sec. Patch: December-5-2018
@ Android Version: 8.1.0
@ Processor/chipset: SP7731E (Spreadtrum)
@ Firmware File Size: 571.51 MB
@ Build Number: Colors P51 Pride1A V10 20181129
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Colors P51 Pride1A V10 Read Firmware Flash File (Stock Rom) Download Free, If you have any doubt about of this file, You can see/check the read firmware file detail.


Operation : Read FW [ v2.05 ]

1. Power off device, wait 10-15 seconds
2. Press and hold BooKey ( 1 : BOTH VOL , 2 : VOL+ , 3 : VOL- )
3. Insert cable in device!

Wait for device …

Device Connected!
BootVersion : SPRD3
Boot : INF : 0_SC7731E_BASE : SC7731E_eMMC_512MB_RS
Sending Init Boot …
Boot sent!
Kick FDL …
BootVersion : Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Protocol setup …
Port speed : 921600
Sending Flash Boot …
Boot sent!
FDL : Control transfered!

Boot Done!

Device info :
Patch Level : OPM2.171019.012
Display ID : Colors_P51_Pride1A_V10_20181229
Ver. Incmt : 52610
Ver. CodeName : REL
Ver. Release : 8.1.0
Sec. Patch : 2018-12-05
Build Time : 1546051929
Product Model : Pride_1A
Product Brand : Colors
Product Name : Pride_1A
Product Device : Pride_1A
Product Manfct : TEM
Product Info : sp7731e_ww18
Product Board : Pride_1A
Board Platform : sp7731e

AndroidVer : 8
VlnrLevel : 0x02


Read : u-boot.bin
Read : sml.bin
Read : tos.bin
Read : vbmeta.img
Read : pm_sys.bin
Read : modem_w.bin
Read : gdsp_w.bin
Read : nvitem_w.bin
Read : modem_wcn.img
Read : gnssmodem.bin
Read : gnssbdmodem.bin
Read : boot_logo.bmp
Read : fastboot_logo.bmp
Make : persist.img
Read : phase.cfg
Read : boot.img
Read : recovery.img
Read : system.img
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 86%
Read : vendor.img
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 47%
Make : userdata.img
Make : cache.img
Read : prodnv.img
ExtSparse : Compression ratio : 49%
Read : u-boot-spl.bin

Firmware size : 0x5B81D05C ( 1.43 GiB )
Android Info saved : _Android_info.txt
Reconnect Power/Cable!

Elapsed: 00:34:38


Colors%2BP51%2BPride1A%2BV10 1


Colors%2BP51%2BPride1A%2BV10 2



Colors P51 Pride1A V10 Firmware Flash File

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