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Samsung all official combination file

Welcome to the Samsung firmware file, We will provide you Samsung’s official firmware file through this website. Now in the coming days, we give any Samsung Android OS, all stock ROM, and Samsung firmware updates day to day.  Samsung watch updates are available on time in accordance with changes in the firmware features. Now you don’t need to go anywhere for the official Samsung firmware, you can get Samsung’s latest firmware on this page.

[Official] All Samsung Combination files

[Official] All Samsung Firmware flash file [Stock Rom] Download

SM-A013FSamsung Galaxy A01 CoreDownload Here
SM-A013GSamsung Galaxy A01 CoreDownload Here
SM-A013MSamsung Galaxy A01 CoreDownload Here
SM-A015ASamsung Galaxy A01Download Here
SM-A015AZSamsung Galaxy A01Download Here
SM-A015FSamsung Galaxy A01Download Here
SM-A015GSamsung Galaxy A01Download Here
SM-A015MSamsung Galaxy A01Download Here
SM-A022FSamsung Galaxy A02Download Here
SM-A022GSamsung Galaxy A02Download Here
SM-A022MSamsung Galaxy A02Download Here
SM-A025FSamsung Galaxy A02sDownload Here
SM-A025GSamsung Galaxy A02sDownload Here
SM-A025MSamsung Galaxy A02sDownload Here
SM-A025USamsung Galaxy A02sDownload Here
SM-A025FU1Samsung Galaxy A02sDownload Here
SM-A032FSamsung Galaxy A03 CoreDownload Here
SM-A032MSamsung Galaxy A03 CoreDownload Here
SM-A035FSamsung Galaxy A03Download Here
SM-A035GSamsung Galaxy A03Download Here
SM-A035MSamsung Galaxy A03Download Here
SM-A037FSamsung Galaxy A03sDownload Here
SM-A037GSamsung Galaxy A03sDownload Here
SM-A037MSamsung Galaxy A03sDownload Here
SM-A045FSamsung Galaxy A04Download Here
SM-A045MSamsung Galaxy A04Download Here
SM-A102NSamsung Galaxy A10eDownload Here
SM-A102USamsung Galaxy A10eDownload Here
SM-A102U1Samsung Galaxy A10eDownload Here
SM-A102WSamsung Galaxy A10eDownload Here
SM-A102WSamsung Galaxy A10eDownload Here
SM-A105FSamsung Galaxy A10Download Here
SM-A105FNSamsung Galaxy A10Download Here
SM-A105GSamsung Galaxy A10Download Here
SM-A105MSamsung Galaxy A10Download Here
SM-A105NSamsung Galaxy A10Download Here
SM-A107FSamsung Galaxy A10sDownload Here
SM-A107MSamsung Galaxy A10sDownload Here
SM-A115APSamsung Galaxy A11Download Here
SM-A115AZSamsung Galaxy A11Download Here
SM-A115FSamsung Galaxy A11Download Here
SM-A115MSamsung Galaxy A11Download Here
SM-A115USamsung Galaxy A11Download Here
SM-A125FSamsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A125MSamsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A125NSamsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A125USamsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A125U1Samsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A125U1Samsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A125WSamsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A127FSamsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A127MSamsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A127MSamsung Galaxy A12Download Here
SM-A136BSamsung Galaxy A13 5GDownload Here
SM-A136USamsung Galaxy A13 5GDownload Here
SM-A136U1Samsung Galaxy A13 5GDownload Here
SM-A137FSamsung Galaxy A13Download Here
SM-A202FSamsung Galaxy A20eDownload Here
SM-A202KSamsung Galaxy A20eDownload Here
SM-A205FSamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A205FNSamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A205GSamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A205GNSamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A205sSamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A205USamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A205WSamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A205WSamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A205YNSamsung Galaxy A20Download Here
SM-A2070Samsung Galaxy A20sDownload Here
SM-A207FSamsung Galaxy A20sDownload Here
SM-A207MSamsung Galaxy A20sDownload Here
SM-A215USamsung Galaxy A21Download Here
SM-A215U1Samsung Galaxy A21Download Here
SM-A215WSamsung Galaxy A21Download Here
SM-A217FSamsung Galaxy A21sDownload Here
SM-A217NSamsung Galaxy A21sDownload Here
SM-A217MSamsung Galaxy A21sDownload Here
SM-225FSamsung Galaxy A22Download Here
SM-225MSamsung Galaxy A22Download Here
SM-A226BSamsung Galaxy A22 5GDownload Here
SM-A226BRSamsung Galaxy A22 5GDownload Here
SM-A226LSamsung Galaxy  A22 5GDownload Here
SM-A260FSamsung Galaxy A2 CoreDownload Here
SM-A260GSamsung Galaxy A2 CoreDownload Here
SM-A3000Samsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A3009Samsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300FSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300FUSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300GSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300HSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300HQSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300MSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300XUSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300XZSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300YSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A300YZSamsung Galaxy A3Download Here
SM-A3050Samsung Galaxy A40sDownload Here
SM-A305FSamsung Galaxy A30Download Here
SM-A305FNSamsung Galaxy A30Download Here
SM-A305GSamsung Galaxy A30Download Here
SM-A305GNSamsung Galaxy A30Download Here
SM-A305GTSamsung Galaxy A30Download Here
SM-A305NSamsung Galaxy A30Download Here
SM-A305YNSamsung Galaxy A30Download Here
SM-A307FNSamsung Galaxy A30sDownload Here
SM-A307GSamsung Galaxy A30sDownload Here
SM-A307GNSamsung Galaxy A30sDownload Here
SM-A307GTSamsung Galaxy A30sDownload Here
SM-A310FSamsung Galaxy A3 [2016]Download Here
SM-A310MSamsung Galaxy A3 [2016]Download Here
SM-A310N0Samsung Galaxy A3 [2016]Download Here
SM-A310YSamsung Galaxy A3 [2016]Download Here
SM-A315FSamsung Galaxy A31Download Here
SM-A315GSamsung Galaxy A31Download Here
SM-A315NSamsung Galaxy A31Download Here
SM-A320FSamsung Galaxy A3 [2017]Download Here
SM-A320FLSamsung Galaxy A3 [2017]Download Here
SM-A320YSamsung Galaxy A3 [2017]Download Here
SM-A325FSamsung Galaxy A32Download Here
SM-A325MSamsung Galaxy A32Download Here
SM-A325NSamsung Galaxy A32Download Here
SM-A326BSamsung Galaxy A32 5GDownload Here
SM-A326BRSamsung Galaxy A32 5GDownload Here
SM-A326KSamsung Galaxy A32 5GDownload Here
SM-A326USamsung Galaxy A32 5GDownload Here
SM-A326U1Samsung Galaxy A32 5GDownload Here
SM-A326WSamsung Galaxy A32 5GDownload Here
SM-A405FMSamsung Galaxy A40Download Here
SM-A405FNSamsung Galaxy A40Download Here
SM-A405sSamsung Galaxy A40Download Here
SM-A415FSamsung Galaxy A41Download Here
SM-A426BSamsung Galaxy A42 5GDownload Here
SM-A426USamsung Galaxy A42 5GDownload Here
SM-A500FSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500F1Samsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500FUSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500GSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500HSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500KSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500LSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500MSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500SSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500WSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500XYSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500YSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A500YZSamsung Galaxy A5Download Here
SM-A505FSamsung Galaxy A50Download Here
SM-A505FMSamsung Galaxy A50Download Here
SM-A505FNSamsung Galaxy A50Download Here
SM-A505GNSamsung Galaxy A50Download Here
SM-A505GTSamsung Galaxy A50Download Here
SM-A505NSamsung Galaxy A50Download Here
SM-A505USamsung Galaxy A50Download Here
SM-A510FSamsung Galaxy A5 [2016]Download Here
G361HSamsung Galaxy Core PrimeDownload Here
G361HUSamsung Galaxy Core PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530BTSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530FZSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530FSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530HSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530MSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530PSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530TSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530T1Samsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530WSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G530YSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G531FSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G531HSamsung Galaxy Grand PrimeDownload Here
SM-G532FSamsung Galaxy J2 PrimeDownload Here
SM-G532GSamsung Galaxy J2 PrimeDownload Here
SM-G532MSamsung Galaxy J2 PrimeDownload Here
SM-G532MTSamsung Galaxy J2 PrimeDownload Here
SM-G6100Samsung Galaxy On7 [2016]Download Here
SM-J100FSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100FNSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100GSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100HSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100MSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100MLSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100MUSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100MVSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100VPPSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J100YSamsung Galaxy J1Download Here
SM-J105BSamsung Galaxy J1 MiniDownload Here
SM-J105FSamsung Galaxy J1 MiniDownload Here
SM-J105HSamsung Galaxy J1 MiniDownload Here
SM-J105MSamsung Galaxy J1 MiniDownload Here
SM-J105YSamsung Galaxy J1 MiniDownload Here
SM-J106BSamsung Galaxy J1 Mini PrimeDownload Here
SM-J106FSamsung Galaxy J1 Mini PrimeDownload Here
SM-J106HSamsung Galaxy J1 Mini PrimeDownload Here
SM-J106MSamsung Galaxy J1 Mini PrimeDownload Here
SM-J110FSamsung Galaxy J1 AceDownload Here
SM-J110GSamsung Galaxy J1 AceDownload Here
SM-J110HSamsung Galaxy J1 AceDownload Here
SM-J110LSamsung Galaxy J1 AceDownload Here
SM-J110MSamsung Galaxy J1 AceDownload Here
SM-J111FSamsung Galaxy J1 AceDownload Here
SM-J111MSamsung Galaxy J1 AceDownload Here
SM-J105BSamsung Galaxy J1 MiniDownload Here
SM-J120ASamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J120AZSamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J120FSamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J120FNSamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J120GSamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J120HSamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J120MSamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J120WSamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J120ZNSamsung Galaxy J1 [2016]Download Here
SM-J200BTSamsung Galaxy J2Download Here
SM-J200FSamsung Galaxy J2Download Here
SM-J200GSamsung Galaxy J2Download Here
SM-J200GUSamsung Galaxy J2Download Here
SM-J200MSamsung Galaxy J2Download Here
SM-J200YSamsung Galaxy J2Download Here
SM-J210FSamsung Galaxy J2 ProDownload Here
SM-J250FSamsung Galaxy J2 ProDownload Here
SM-J250GSamsung Galaxy J2 ProDownload Here
SM-J250MSamsung Galaxy J2 ProDownload Here
SM-J250NSamsung Galaxy J2 ProDownload Here
SM-J250YSamsung Galaxy J2 ProDownload Here
SM-J260ASamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260AZSamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260FSamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260FUSamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260GSamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260GUSamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260MSamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260MUSamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260T1Samsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J260YSamsung Galaxy J2 CoreDownload Here
SM-J3109Samsung Galaxy J3Download Here
SM-J3110Samsung Galaxy J3 ProDownload Here
SM-J3119Samsung Galaxy J3 ProDownload Here
SM-J3119sSamsung Galaxy J3 ProDownload Here
SM-J320ASamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320AZSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320FSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320FNSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320GSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320HSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320MSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320N0Samsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320PSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320R4Samsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320VSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320VPPSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320W8Samsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320YSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320YZSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J320ZNSamsung Galaxy J3 [2016]Download Here
SM-J321AZSamsung Galaxy SolDownload Here
SM-J326AZSamsung Galaxy Sol 2Download Here
SM-J327ASamsung Galaxy J3 EmergeDownload Here
SM-J327AZSamsung Amp Prime 2Download Here
SM-J327PSamsung Galaxy J3 EmergeDownload Here
SM-J327TSamsung Galaxy J3 PrimeDownload Here
SM-J327T1Samsung Galaxy J3 PrimeDownload Here
SM-J400FSamsung Galaxy J4Download Here
SM-J400GSamsung Galaxy J4Download Here
SM-J400MSamsung Galaxy J4Download Here
SM-J410FSamsung Galaxy J4 CoreDownload Here
SM-J410GSamsung Galaxy J4 CoreDownload Here
SM-J415FSamsung Galaxy J4+ [Plus]Download Here
SM-J415FNSamsung Galaxy J4+ [Plus]Download Here
SM-J415GSamsung Galaxy J4+ [Plus]Download Here
SM-J415GNSamsung Galaxy J4+ [Plus]Download Here
SM-J415NSamsung Galaxy J4+ [Plus]Download Here
SM-J5007Samsung Galaxy J5Download Here
SM-J5008Samsung Galaxy J5Download Here
SM-J500FSamsung Galaxy J5Download Here
SM-J500FNSamsung Galaxy J5Download Here
SM-J500GSamsung Galaxy J5Download Here
SM-J500HSamsung Galaxy J5Download Here
SM-J500MSamsung Galaxy J5Download Here
SM-J500N0Samsung Galaxy J5
SM-J500YSamsung Galaxy J5Download Here
SM-J510FSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J510FNSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J510FQSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J510GNSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J510HSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J510KSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J510LSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J510SSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J510UNSamsung Galaxy J5 [2016]Download Here
SM-J600FSamsung Galaxy J6Download Here
SM-J600FNSamsung Galaxy J6Download Here
SM-J600GSamsung Galaxy J6Download Here
SM-J7008Samsung Galaxy J7Download Here
SM-J700FSamsung Galaxy J7Download Here
SM-J700HSamsung Galaxy J7Download Here
SM-J700KSamsung Galaxy J7Download Here
SM-J700MSamsung Galaxy J7Download Here
SM-J700PSamsung Galaxy J7Download Here
SM-J700T1Samsung Galaxy J7Download Here
SM-J701FSamsung Galaxy J7 NextDownload Here
SM-J701MSamsung Galaxy J7 NextDownload Here
SM-J701MTSamsung Galaxy J7 NextDownload Here
SM-J710FSamsung Galaxy J7 [2016]Download Here
SM-J710FQSamsung Galaxy J7 [2016]Download Here
SM-J730FSamsung Galaxy J7 ProDownload Here
SM-J730FMSamsung Galaxy J7 ProDownload Here
SM-J730GSamsung Galaxy J7 ProDownload Here
SM-J730GMSamsung Galaxy J7 ProDownload Here
SM-J730KSamsung Galaxy J7 ProDownload Here
SM-J737ASamsung Galaxy J7 [2018]Download Here
SM-J737PSamsung Galaxy J7 [2018]Download Here
SM-J810GSamsung Galaxy J7 [2018]Download Here
SM-J810GFSamsung Galaxy J7 [2018]Download Here
SM-J810MSamsung Galaxy J7 [2018]Download Here

Samsung Android OS is an operating system that directs hardware for smooth performance. None of the mobile phones exist without software. In this field, we all technicians should consider software very important for Samsung firmware updates. We use Samsung Firmware Official, which is usually in the repairing field to fix all problems. Many problems including flashing or unlocking can be removed using a flash Samsung phone.

There are available Odin for Samsung flash tool, Samsung USB driver latest, Samsung Galaxy firmware binary, and flash files without password by downloading and repairing. Now you can easily get flash files [stock rom] by upgrading, downgrading, and flashing on this website. You can get Samsung firmware free download [flash files] from Samsung company including all the latest Samsung OS [firmware flash file] android.  You don’t have to go to any other side, we will give you the Samsung Galaxy firmware without a password (free). AG_Firmware File will provide Samsung firmware based on the new update and upload daily for you on the website.

On this page, you can get complete information on Samsung OS and the latest Samsung firmware. In general, using a mobile you may face many issues day to day like:- Remove screen lock, Pin lock, password lock, and pattern lock issues, camera, Baseband error code, DRK error code issues, Invalid IMEI repair, Serial number, SW REV, Check fail or Security error issues, custom binary blocked by FRP lock, Ram performs slowly issues, wifi, and Bluetooth, file missing problem, Hang on the logo, Storage space running out, root & unroot your phone, Restart your phone automatically, Install the application automatically, Unwanted monkey/sexy virus issues, App has been stopped unfortunately problem, White Display [LCD], Black Display [LCD] issues, upgrade Android version, Downgrade Android version, etc. which all these issues are resolved by Samsung galaxy firmware Flash file. These all kinds of problems can be removed using such files as Samsung Official Stock Rom flash files are available below…..

How to flash a mobile phone?
@ Are you sure you want to flash your mobile phone?
@ If you are ready, the battery of the mobile phone must be charged above 30%, otherwise, the mobile will die.
@ First of all, you need to install a Samsung USB Driver.
@ Download the Samsung firmware.
@ Extract the Samsung Android OS (Winrar) (7zip).
@ First, you have to switch off the mobile phone.
@ Press the down volume + home button then the power button.
@ Android symbol will appear, then show two options on the mobile screen but only press-up volume to enter into the download mode.
@ Mobile has to connect to a USB cable.
@ Open the Samsung odin and other Samsung-supported boxes or dongles.
@ Select the Samsung Android OS model.
@ Select all AP, CP, and CSC files and click them.
@ After selection, the flashing process will start automatically.
@ The Flashing process starting will be taking some time, at the same time mobile has to connect to a USB cable.
@ After starting flashing, you have to wait for some time.
@ Your mobile will be on.
@ After the flashing process is completed successfully your mobile will be on.

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